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Hair Transplants


Get new & natural-looking hair with our modern hair transplant techniques

Any person who has experienced permanent hair loss can be eligible for hair transplant surgery. Hair transplants are not a one-time procedure and it usually takes a 30-50 year plan to achieve successful results professionally. Our highly qualified surgeons can carry out hair restoration procedures to provide you with a long-term solution that brings you back that self-confidence you might have lost for years!

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

When mentioning hair transplant procedures, FUE is surely one of the most sought-after choice by men suffering hair loss or baldness. We are able to offer FUE using the latest and safest technology.

In an FUE procedure, the hair transplant doctor makes use of a surgical punch and extracts hair follicles one by one. The single hair units are extracted from the donor area, which is normally the bottom back part of the scalp. Once they are extracted, the single follicles are transplanted in the hair loss area or the recipient area.

What makes FUE the best option?

FUE is ideal because it doesn’t leave any linear scarring and so it’s the right option for men who want to keep their hair short or shaved.

Other benefits of FUE
• light or minor discomfort
• No linear scarring
• Speedy recovery time
• Donor areas can include the chest, arms & other areas
• Natural distribution of hair
• FUE can also be ideal for eyebrow transplants


Follicular Hair Transplant (FUT)

This hair restoration procedure is also a popular one and follows almost all the same steps of an FUE, except that hair extraction from the donor area is done in strips. Thanks to the FUT technique a patient is also able to experience a natural-looking hairline.

The FUT method is performed under local anaesthesia on the scalp so that when the strip of hair from the bottom back of the scalp is extracted, the patient is guaranteed full comfort.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

SMP is a type of procedure that can be applied at any stage of hair loss. Applied like a tattoo, in this procedure, our skilled SMP practitioners make use of a modern needle equipment to inject pigments in the patient’s scalp. It’s like a cosmetic tattoo with the aim to create the effect of a consistently fuller and denser shaved-looking scalp in the case of men. In the case of women, SMP can be a good solution to fill in parts of the scalp where there is natural parting due to thinning hair.


What is the end result?

From the very first session you start seeing a difference, but when completing all SMP sessions as advised by our experts you will have a perfectly and natural looking head of hair. Our SMP experts are able to tattoo the pigments in such a way that these are camouflaged with your skin and hair colour. SMP is ideal to make thinning hair look more denser!

Why people opt for SMP?

SMP has been a solution for different hair loss problems and this makes it a favoured procedure by various patients. This tattoo-like technique creates a consistent appearance that’s very realistic. Any head scars are easily covered as well with this hair simulation procedure, so you can really show off your confidence when out. Other reasons people choose SMP include the fact that it’s not painful and it lasts for quite some years without the need of touch-ups!

Other Hair Transplants

Eurocosmetic Hair Loss Clinic masters as well hair transplants which involve the face. Eyelashes, eyebrows and beard contribute a lot to having a clean and symmetrical-looking face.

If you’re self-conscious on the few eyelashes or eyebrows you have and want more detailed and fuller eyes we can assist you. We have also done hair transplants on men who wished to have a more defined beard or to cover up a scar after a surgery.

Reconstructive surgeries

Eyelashes Transplant

STOP wasting money trying on different mascaras or false eyelashes for a longer, curly and voluminous look!

How is it carried out?

We can carry out an eyelashes transplant by extracting hair from the sides of your scalp and transplant it one-by-one in the upper lid of your eye.


Eyebrows Transplant

Eyebrows are very visible on a person’s face and we spend a lot of time plucking and threading them to bring them to a perfect symmetry. Having an eyebrows transplant done can really revive your face, especially if they fell off due to side effects of a medical condition or other reasons.

How is it carried out?

An eyebrows transplant is done by extracting hair from the sides and back of your head. The technician then fills your eyebrows’ shape with single units of hair for a new look.

Once these delicate procedures are done, the implanted hair will continue to grow naturally since it involves taking hair from your scalp. So, when having an eyelashes or eyebrows transplant they need to be trimmed regularly just like your hair.


Beard Transplant

Beards have been a popular trend on men for the past years and it seems that it won’t be dying any time soon. It has become a lifestyle for many men, so achieving the perfect cut and texture is important. With a beard transplant we can help you achieve a perfectly natural looking beard.

How is it carried out?

To achieve successful transformations we carry out beard transplants by extracting hair follicles from the chest and transplant them into those gaps of the beard to match the pattern of your naturally grown parts. The end result is a fuller beard that will last you for years!


We always start with a consultation

A consultation is a fundamental part of our treatments. It is important for us to get an idea of ​​what you want to get out of your hair transplant, as well as to go through the medical conditions that exist in each individual case. It is also just as important for you as a customer to get an idea of ​​us. Our consultations are always free of charge